Advanced Bollinger Bands Method Forex Indicator

This is an advanced bollinger bands indicator with several moving average methods and applied prices to choose from.

Traders can choose simple, exponential, smoothed and linear weighed moving averages.

Available price methods: close, open, high, low, median, typical and weighted. Feel free to experiment with all indicator input settings.

Trading Signals

Buy signal: In up trending markets – look to buy near the lower Bollinger band.

Sell signal: In down trending markets – look to sell near the upper Bollinger band.

Indicator Preferences

Currency pairs: any

Time frames: any

Trading sessions: any


Download the advanced-bollinger_bands.mq4 indicator.

Configurable Indicator Options

Moving average method, applied price, bands period, bands shift, bands deviations,…

EUR/USD H1 Chart Example


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