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AFIRMA Forex Indicator For MT5

    AFIRMA stands for Autoregressive Finite Impulse Response MA and it’s an indicator for Metatrader 5 that shows precise price movements.

    The indicator appears as a bi-colored smoothing moving average line on the main trading chart.

    The AFIRMA indicator should be combined with additional indicators or a trading strategy.

    The indicator is solid, 100% non-repaint, and will not slow down your trading platform.

    Key Points

    • Based on moving averages
    • Works for any currency pair
    • Works for any time frame
    • Programmed for Metatrader 5

    Free Download

    Download the “afirma.mq5” indicator for MT5

    Example Chart

    The image below shows the AFIRMA Forex indicator attached to the EUR/USD 30-minute trading chart.

    Trade Logic

    The trend is bullish when the AFIRMA moving average line is rising.

    The trend is bearish when the AFIRMA moving average line is declining.


    Download the “afirma.mq5” indicator (MT5)

    How to install the AFIRMA Forex indicator in Metatrader 5?

    • Copy the afirma indicator file in the MT5 indicator folder
    • Restart the trading platform
    • Select and attach the indicator to any chart of your preference

    How to remove the indicator from the chart?

    • Click with your right mouse button in the chart
    • Select the indicator list from the dropdown menu
    • Remove the indicator from the list
    • Press close


    Make yourself familiar with this trading indicator and fully understand how it works before using it in a real account.