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Average True Range Indicator For MT5

    The Average True Range (ATR) Forex indicator for Metatrader 5 measures market volatility over 14 periods.

    The default 14 periods can be easily changed by editing the indicator’s inputs.

    For instance, if you want to measure market volatility over a longer period, set the value to 50 (swing trading).

    If you want to measure market volatility over a shorter period, set the value to 5 or 10 (scalping and day trading).

    Often, the ATR indicator is being used for stop loss placement.

    • In low volatile markets, the stop loss will be placed closer to the entry level.
    • In high volatile markets, the stop loss will be placed further away from the entry level.

    The indicator is solid, 100% non-repaint, and will not slow down your trading platform.

    Key Points

    • Measures market volatility
    • Good for stop loss placement
    • Works for any currency pair
    • Works for any time frame
    • Programmed for Metatrader 5

    Free Download

    Download the “ATR.mq5” indicator for MT5

    Example Chart

    The image below shows the ATR indicator applied to the EUR/USD 15-minute trading chart.

    How to interpret this indicator?

    • A spike in the ATR value indicates that market volatility has increased
    • Place your stop loss further away from the entry level
    • Low ATR values indicate low market volatility
    • Place your stop loss closer to the entry level


    Download the “ATR.mq5” indicator (MT5)

    How to install the ATR Forex indicator on Metatrader 5?

    • Open the trading platform and click on “File” (top menu)
    • Navigate to the “open data folder”
    • Navigate to the MQL5 indicators folder
    • Copy the ATR indicator file in this folder
    • Close and restart the MT5 trading platform
    • You will find the indicator in the custom indicators list
    • Select it and attach to any chart of your preference

    How to remove the indicator from the chart?

    • Click with the right mouse button in the chart
    • Select the indicator list from the drop down menu
    • Delete the indicator from the list
    • Press close to save the new chart configuration


    Make yourself familiar with this trading indicator and fully understand how it works before using it in a real account.