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Breakfast in Canada EA (MT4)

    The Breakfast in Canada EA for Metatrader 4 is a successful Forex robot that focuses on the New York trading session.

    It opens pending orders in both buy & sell trade directions at a 10 pip distance from the actual market price.

    The Breakfast in Canada EA made +134.18% gain in 11 month with only 12.57% drawdown.

    The EA has some built in protection against both maximum spread and slippage.

    All open trades are secured by a stop loss and take profit order.

    The trading bot offers multiple customization parameters and settings.

    Run the Breakfast in Canada EA on a demo account first for 2-5 weeks before running it on a live trading account (recommended).

    Free Download

    Download the “Breakfast in Canada.ex4” expert advisor

    Track Record

    The MyFXbook chart below shows the Breakfast in Canada Forex robot trading results (click on the chart to zoom in).

    Key Points:

    • Gain: +134.18%
    • Monthly gain: 7.81%
    • Drawdown: 12.57%
    • Profit: $206,439.43

    Download This Expert Advisor (MT4)

    Download the “Breakfast in Canada.ex4” Forex robot

    General Information & Recommendations

    • Works best on the low spread major pairs
    • Should work for any pair
    • Optimized for the 1-hour time frame
    • Should work on any time frame
    • Recommended minimum account balance: $150
    • Works on unlimited demo accounts.
    • Works on unlimited live accounts.
    • Developed for Metatrader 4

    Chart Example

    The picture below shows the Breakfast in Canada EA attached to the EUR/USD 1-hour time frame.

    EA Input Parameters

    Select language, new cycle, start trading, end trading, maximum slippage, maximum spread, use funds, lot size, percent for auto lot, pending orders, maximum lot size, virtual stop loss, show statistics table, magic number

    How to access the inputs tab? Right click on the chart > properties > inputs tab (adjust EA settings here)

    How do I install the Breakfast in Canada EA robot in Metatrader 4?

    • Open the Metatrader 4 platform and select “File” from the top menu
    • Click on “Open Data Folder” and select the “MQL4” folder
    • Click on “Experts” folder and drag and drop the Breakfast in Canada.ex4 file into this folder
    • Restart the Metatrader 4 platform and attach the expert advisor to the chart