Buy And Sell Correlation Forex Indicator

A buy and sell correlation signals forex indicator based on the cross-over of two lines. Feel free to experiment with the slow and fast period to optimize the results for you.

Trading Signals

Buy: Blue arrow (red line crosses the green line from below)

Sell: Yellow arrow (red line crosses the green line from above)


– Uptrend: trade the blue arrows, ignore the yellow arrows
– Downtrend: trade the yellow arrows, ignore the blue arrows
– Range: use in conjunction with support and resistance

Indicator Preferences

Currency pairs: any
Preferred Time frames: any
Sessions: any


Download the Correlation-mt4 Metatrader 4 indicator.

Configurable Indicator Options

PCPeriod_fast, PCPeriod_slow, SmPeriod_fast, SmPeriod_slow, colors

EUR/USD 1 Hour Chart Example


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