Buyers Versus Sellers Forex DashBoard Indicator

This advanced forex dashboard indicator measures buyers versus sellers in the market. It can give you a good indication where the future currency price is heading to, up or down. Who wins the battle? A green trend means that buyers outranks the sellers, price goes up. A red trend means that sellers outranks the buyers, price goes down. The buyers vs seller indicator works for the M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 and daily chart.

Trading Signals

Buy: Wait for green trend to rise above 90%.

Sell: Wait for red trend to rise above 90%.

Indicator Preferences

Currency pairs: any

Preferred Time frames: Suitable for 1 min charts up to the daily charts.

Sessions: Europe and US for charts below the 30 min, 24/7 for 30 min charts and higher.


Download the BvS v3.ex4 indicator.

Configurable Indicator Options

ShowHistogram, ShowDelta, Period, Corner, Colors,…

EUR/USD 15 Minute Chart Example


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