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Learn a variety of trading strategies with basic indicators such as RSI, Stochastic, Simple Moving Averages, MACD, Bollinger Bands,…

Simple Forex Pivot Points Strategy

The Daily-Pivot-Points.ex4 indicator can be used to design several trading strategies. The strategy described in one of the earlier articles used the blue pivot line as the focal point of the trades. This time around, we will see how this indicator can present trade opportunities using any pivot point available. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: Daily-Pivot-Points.ex4 […]

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Daily Pivot Points Forex Strategy

The Daily-Pivot-Points.ex4 indicator can be used to design several trading strategies. The strategy described in this article is one of them. The Daily-Pivot-Points.ex4 indicator can be used as a standalone indicator. This is an intraday system which seeks to trade off the blue pivot, acting either as a support or resistance, depending on where price […]

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Munyuk Forex Trading Strategy

The Munyuk forex trading strategy is a simple forex strategy that can be deployed to generate consistent profits within market trading hours. This is an intraday trading system that seeks to make profits within the daily trading cycle. This system deploys signals from all three indicators for buy and sell entries. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: […]

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Simple Forex Trading Strategy With QQE Oscillator

A simple basic trend following strategy anyone can learn to generate profits from forex trading. It’s made up of an exponential moving average and a custom built oscillator for trade entry. Chart Setup Indicators: 100 Period Exponential Moving Average, QQE (oscillator) Preferred time frame(s): 15 min and higher Trading sessions: any Preferred Currency pairs: any […]

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Slow Moving Averages (SMA) Crossover Forex Strategy

This trend following strategy is based on the crossover of 3 simple moving averages. Simplicity! It doesn’t require active system monitoring and maintenance. You just need to check your charts at the close of each candlestick. Chart Setup Indicators: 13 simple moving Average (13 SMA), 26 simple moving Average  (26 SMA), 100 simple moving Average  (100 SMA) Preferred […]

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Easy Trendline Forex Strategy

One of the most powerful analysis tools used in forex trading are trendlines. You have two types: upward sloping trendlines and downward sloping trendlines. This strategy shows you how to trade trend reversals using violated (broken) trendlines for both long and short entries including stops and price objectives. 1. Understanding the basics Upward sloping (rising) trendlines […]

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Stochastic 200 SMA Forex Strategy

The Stochastic oscillator is a well known indicator primarily used to identify oversold and overbought market conditions. Indicator readings below 20 are considered to be oversold while readings above 80 are considered to be oversold. Here’s a basic trading system based on the Stochastic oscillator. Trading Tools/Settings Indicators: Stochastic Oscillator with setting (5,3,3), 200 Simple […]

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Simple MACD Forex Strategy

MACD is one of the most commonly used trading indicators in forex. This utterly simple strategy will help you to trade with the short-term trend. Trading Tools/Settings Indicators: MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) with default settings(12,26,9). Time frame(s): 15 Min and above Trading sessions: All Currency pairs: All Download Download the Simple MACD Strategy. GBP/USD 4 […]

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3 Simple Moving Average Forex Strategy

This is a really simple strategy based on one of the most popular trading indicators: the simple moving average (SMA). Trading Tools/Settings Indicators: 100 Simple Moving Average, 25 Simple Moving Average, 10 Simple Moving Average Time frame(s): 30 min and above Trading sessions: All Currency pairs: All Download Download the 3 Simple Moving Average Strategy. GBP/JPY […]

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