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Best free cryptocurrency trading strategies and systems for scalping, daytrading and swing trading Bitcoin and altcoins.

Bitcoin Trading System

The Bitcoin Trading System is purely a technical analysis approach that does not make use of any fundamental analysis. There are fixed buy and sell rules that are pivotal to its entry and exit criteria, while a crypto trader’s continued success is dependent on its adherence. Some of the things that you’ll be able to accomplish using this […]

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Dash Crypto Trading System

Cryptocurrency traders can adopt the Dash Trading System as an active means of maximizing their crypto gains over a short-term period. This trading strategy can be utilized on any cryptocurrency and regardless of the fundamental news release during active market sessions, the efficacy of this strategy doesn’t get dampened. The Dash system combines a trend […]

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Easy Cryptocurrency Swing Trading Strategy

The Easy Cryptocurrency Swing Trading strategy takes advantage of the highly volatile upswings and downswings that occur in the crypto market. The strategy works for trending and non-trending markets alike, thereby offering us huge profit making potentials. It works for Bitcoin and altcoin trading without exception! Let’s get started… Trade Setup  MT4 Indicators: mcginley-dynamic-indicator.ex4 (Default Setting), mega-trend-indicator.ex4 […]

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