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Learn a variety of successful forex trading strategies that actually work. From simple free strategies for beginners to advanced for expert traders.

Forex Kill Zone Strategy

The Forex Kill Zone strategy combines one of the best moving average crossover trading systems with a trend-following indicator. This Kill Zone strategy fits for any trade style (scalping, day trading and swing trading) and works for all currency pairs and other MT4 symbols. Some traders report over 75% wins with the amazing strategy! Chart Setup MetaTrader 4 Indicators: […]

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Low Volatility Forex Trading Strategy

The low volatility forex trading strategy is designed to capture the best trading opportunities during low volatility market periods. In order to get this done, we are employing volatility tracking tools like Bollinger Bands and other volatility sensitive technical indicators. We’ll be tracking low volatility conditions until they pick up steam, with a lookout for […]

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Polynom Vision Forex Strategy

The Polynom Vision Forex strategy is designed to be a superior trading system with a setup trigger that’s less susceptible to lag. Thereby eliminating noise to further enhance the reliability of its trend tracking market characteristics. The secret to this is that the technical indicators in use cautiously combines complex algorithms to spot market sessions […]

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Forex Strategy Using Volatility

The Forex strategy using volatility is designed to take advantage of increased price volatility in any trend direction with the use of Bollinger Bands. What we have in our hands is a volatility based forex strategy that is formulated to spot market sessions in which price is experiencing a surge in volatility. We can subsequently […]

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Urban Forex Trading Strategy

We’ll be discussing the Urban Forex trading strategy and as the name suggests, it is a trading strategy designed for traders who really do not want to be bothered by an overly complicated market strategy. The Urban trading strategy follows the trend and increases its win rate with the adoption of the very versatile Ichimoku Kinko […]

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Renko Indicator Forex Strategy

We know that the Japanese candlestick chart has gained a great deal of popularity among currency traders but other types of interesting trading charts exist as well and one of them is the Renko chart. The main idea behind the Renko chart is to eliminate market noise that is usually present in candlestick and bar […]

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Rockstar Forex Trading Strategy

The Rockstar Forex trading strategy is all about eliminating losing trades and realizing more winning ones. The strategy is based on some set of rules that takes advantage of forex market volatility. We created this trend catching strategy using Bollinger Bands in conjunction with other some other interesting technical indicators. As an important tool for assessing […]

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RSI Forex Strategy With Reduced Lag

The RSI Forex strategy combines the RSI (Relative Strength Index) oscillator with a reduced lag moving average trend following trading system. This powerful combination will provide traders with better entry and exit signals on any currency pair. The reduced lag moving average indicator looks for trend direction while the RSI indicator provides us with the […]

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Quantitive Forex Strategy That Works

The Quantitive Forex strategy is a trading system made up of high quality technical indicators. The strategy is designed to yield buy or sell trading signals based on high probability entry and exit rules. The Quantitive strategy is known to generate profitable signals with reduced lag which makes it insusceptible to sessions of high volatility and range-bound […]

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