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Learn a variety of successful forex trading strategies that actually work. From simple free strategies for beginners to advanced for expert traders.

Momentum Oscillator Forex Signals Strategy

Have you ever thought of how professional traders are able to ride big trends? These are trends that tend to keep moving higher and your profits keeps pilling. Well, the secret lays in getting a trusted, custom-made, consistent and a well-planned trading strategy. The Momentum Oscillator Forex Signals strategy allows you watch your trades turn […]

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Chandelier Exit Forex Trading Strategy

The Chandelier Exit Forex Trading strategy is designed to keep traders in the trend until a specified reversal takes place. Traders can use this strategy to maximize their market returns in a trade and also to make informed stop loss decisions. The good thing about catching trends is that you stand the chance of profiting […]

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Center of Gravity Forex Strategy

Discover the trend scanning accuracy of the Center of Gravity Forex strategy. Both experienced and inexperienced currency traders can secure good buy and sell entry and exit signals from this strategy. Lets quickly take you through its workings, as you get acquainted to this incredibly forex trading strategy. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: Center of Gravity v […]

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Stochastic Buy/Sell Signals Forex Strategy

The Stochastic Buy/Sell Signals Forex strategy is designed to reveal overbought or oversold market conditions in existing trends and deduce buy or sell signals from this useful information. Our strategy is favored as a result of its ease of use and high degree of accuracy. Traders may want to examine short, medium and long term price […]

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CCI Alert Signals Forex Strategy

The CCI Alert Signals Forex strategy deploys buy/sell alerts from the CCI indicator together with trends of the famous Trend Lord indicator. Used together form a fantastic trading system. You can conveniently turn some profits that outnumbers your losses when deploying this strategy. Buy/Sell signals are easy to recognize once the setup is properly carried out. […]

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CCI MTF Oscillator Forex Strategy

The CCI MTF Oscillator Forex strategy is a trend following trading system that allows traders catch trends in their formative stages and also lets you ride the trend until the end. This strategy can quickly become a money spinner when you adhere to its trading rules Trend following traders will greatly appreciate this type of trading […]

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CCI MTF Sniper Forex Strategy

Using the CCI MTF Sniper Forex strategy can offer you an immeasurable edge over the losing guy on the other side of the market. Newbies will be able to quickly grasp the strategy via its distinct entry-exit rules, while professional traders will be able to modify the strategy and attain even greater efficiency with it. The […]

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5 MA’s Signal Forex Strategy

The 5 MA’s Signal Forex strategy can be utilized when market trends are in either direction (up or down). It’s a simple strategy based on the Carter 5-exponential moving average indicator that works well for any pair and timeframe. Forex traders should test different time frames and currency pairs in order to grasp how best they […]

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Double Moving Average Signal Forex Strategy

A forex trader can develop a simple trading strategy that allows him take advantage of the market’s massive trading opportunities with just a few technical indicators. A well-known problem with most technical indicators, nevertheless, is the disparity in their efficiency. The Double Moving Average Signal Forex strategy will aid traders take control of their trading in […]

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