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Learn a variety of successful forex trading strategies that actually work. From simple free strategies for beginners to advanced for expert traders.

RSI MTF Forex Trading Strategy

The RSI MTF (multi-time frame) Forex trading strategy is a friendly and approachable trading system that is simple to read and understand. It clearly reveals its unparalleled ability to get favorable trading results when the rules are carefully followed. The ability to determine market trends easily is always of utmost significance to the currency trader looking to […]

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Super Divergence Forex Trading Strategy

The Super Divergence Forex trading strategy is designed to aid currency traders effectively pinpoint higher and lower divergence momentum. For that reason, trend continuation and trend reversal signals can be spotted easily on the trading chart with this strategy. Being able to deploy this strategy effectively can be one of the best ways towards attaining the best […]

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Popular Alligator Forex Strategy That Works

The popular Alligator Forex strategy works for any currency pair and timeframe without exception. As with all other forex strategies, none is ever 100% correct. However, the positive signals are consistent enough to offer you an edge. Interpreting and understanding this strategy is quite an easy task. In addition, the Popular Alligator Forex Strategy is […]

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All CCI Forex Alert Trading Strategy

The All CCI Forex Alert trading strategy offers currency traders an effective trend based strategy that catches trends in their early stages. The strategy starts off by scanning for the direction of the market by deploying the all CCI indicator. Adhering to the rules of this strategy is quite easy since we are not searching for overbought or […]

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All ADX Forex Trading Strategy

Trading trends is a market approach that traders always gun for, as they look for ways to take advantage of directional markets. Nevertheless it has sometimes proven difficult to not only find but also time entries into those trends. The All ADX Forex Trading strategy is designed to help make the above stated process less […]

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Simple Volume Forex Strategy

The Simple Volume Forex strategy measures how many times any forex pair has been bought or sold over a given period of time. It then transforms this volume information into a very powerful tool that is often overlooked by a lot of traders. A rising market should register a rising volume. Meanwhile, the strategy also considers […]

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Advanced ADX Logic Forex Trading Strategy

The Advanced ADX Logic Forex trading strategy is an exceptional trading system that is designed around the Average Directional Index (or ADX indicator). It seeks to profit from the currency market by trading the strength of the market. The main idea behind this strategy is its ability to spot directional moves. However, traders can quickly achieve […]

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