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Scalping Cycle Forex Indicator

The scalping cycle forex indicator is an indicator based on an exponential moving average and the stochastic oscillator. It oscillates between 0 and 100. This indicator is very usefully to benefit from small market moves in an up trend or downtrend. Therefore, determine the overall trend first and then use this indicator in the direction […]

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Real Renko Chart Forex Indicator

This is a real Renko candlestick indicator that can be used on live forex charts. The indicator draws 2 colored Renko candlesticks: gray and red. Gray candlesticks suggest an uptrend, red candlestick suggest an downtrend. You can combine this indicator with other analysis tools/indicators to build a complete trading strategy or forex system. Trading Signals […]

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Supermega Forex Signals Indicator

The Supermegawinner forex signals indicator oscillates between 1.1 and -1.1 trading levels. It gives a buy signal when the red line of the indicator crosses the blue line upwards and a sell signal when the red line crosses the blue line downwards. The indicator paints green and red dots to make it easy to spot […]

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5 SMA Trend Forex Indicator

This great forex trend indicator is based on a simple moving average. In order to draw buy, sell and flat (weak trend) bars, it compares the current moving average value with its previous one. For values > 1, an uptrend bar will be drawn (green). For values < 1, an downtrend bar will be drawn […]

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Extreme CCI Forex Indicator

The extreme CCI forex indicator reveals interesting area’s to buy and sell currencies. Blue CCI lines reveal extreme oversold area’s. On the contrary, red CCI lines reveal extreme overbought area’s. Trading Signals Buy signal: The market must be trending up. Look for buy signals when the CCI line paints blue color. Sell signal: The market […]

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Forex Squeeze Indicator

The forex squeeze indicator is based on a trading strategy found in the book Mastering the Trade, written by john Carter. The indicator moves between -0.422 (extremely bearish) and 0.1611 (extremely bullish). Trading Signals Buy signal: Go long at the first blue bar. Sell signal: Go short at the first red bar. Trading Tips Use […]

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Vortex Forex Indicator

The forex vortex indicator looks similar to the popular J. Wilder’s ADMI indicator but uses different settings and market analysis tools. The vortex indicator only measures the trend, and not the strength of the trend. Trading Signals Buy signal: Green vortex line crosses the red line upwards. Sell signal: Red vortex line crosses the green […]

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Advanced Bollinger Bands Method Forex Indicator

This is an advanced bollinger bands indicator with several moving average methods and applied prices to choose from. Traders can choose simple, exponential, smoothed and linear weighed moving averages. Available price methods: close, open, high, low, median, typical and weighted. Feel free to experiment with all indicator input settings. Trading Signals Buy signal: In up […]

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