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Collection of the best profitable forex trading systems that work for scalping, day trading and swing trading, 100% for free.

ATR Forex Signals System

ATR Forex Signals is a simple trend-following system designed to collect more pips in trending markets. Signals from this system are easy to follow for any trade style, including, scalping, day trading and swing trading. Let me show you below how to pinpoint market entries and exits with the ATR Forex Signals system! Chart Setup […]

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CCI Histogram Forex System

The CCI Histogram Forex system is a trend following system that takes advantange of the CCI histogram indicator and MegaTrend. This system works best on low spread major currency pairs and some cross pairs (EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY). Your general success rate when deploying this system will most likely depend on the time frame you trade […]

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Forex Buy/Sell Trigger Trader System

The Forex Buy/Sell Trigger Trader system is an unemotional, logical profitable trading system whose trading rules are designed to catch the market when a great buy/sell trade opportunity arises. The rules are meant to allow traders identify signals more efficiently. A buy/sell signals comes into play when the system identifies a currency pair that satisfies the […]

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Brain Trend Forex System

The Brain Trend Forex System is just another fantastic trend-following trading system that is built to allow marker players spot suitable entry and exit levels in a trending market. The take home here is the strategy’s ability to generate signals at price retracement levels. What this means is that, you’ll be able to buy at market […]

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Free NeuroTrend Forex System

The NeuroTrend system provides great accuracy trend forex signals in both uptrending and downtrending markets. Each of the indicators deployed in the NeuroTrend system can be used in more ways than outlined here and with enough practice, users will be able to transform this simple system into a very profitable one. If you like our trading system, research further, […]

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Bands Forex Trading System

The Bands Forex Trading system is a robust trading system that is unique and profitable at the same time. This FX system takes advantage of market volatility along with support and resistance levels. The Bands system works for any currency pair and timeframe of your preference. Let’s get started: Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: Bands.ex4 (Colors Width Modified; #0=2, […]

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Forex Sessions Trading System

The Forex Sessions trading system is a profitable trading system that is wrapped around the Tokyo, Frankfurt and New York trading hours. We’ll be gauging these sessions as a determinant for our buy/sell forex trading signals. Most importantly, the core of this system is to watch the open and close of the Tokyo session (our first […]

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