Extreme CCI Forex Robot

The extreme CCI forex robot is based on two 85 period moving averages and extreme Commodity Channel Index (CCI) levels.

The EA buys when the CCI reaches the -200 level + trend = up and sells at the 200 CCI level + trend = down.

So, it follows the trend and opens a trade at extreme CCI levels. This approach ensures to trade at the best possible entry levels.

Trading Signals

Buy order: The forex robot opens a buy order when the trend is up + CCI at -200 level (oversold).

Sell order: The forex robot opens a sell order when the trend is down + CCI at 200 level (overbought).

Trading Preferences

Currency pairs: majors + GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY

Preferred Time frames: Suitable for 1 min charts and higher time frames.

Sessions: any


Download the Sweet_Spot_Extreme_ea.ex4 forex robot.

Configurable Expert Advisor Options

Lot size, maximum risk, stop-loss, moving average period, CCI buy level, CCI sell level, slippage, …

USD/JPY M15 Chart Example


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