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Are you looking for a rock-solid trading tool that can generate profits in any currency market?

The Forex Andrea trading algorithm we have developed is highly advanced and has been rigorously tested in real-time. The system will provide you with clear and precise signals on any currency pair that are easy to follow, even for absolute beginners!

How You’ll Benefit From This System:


High Performance

Our reliable forex system aims to produce consistently strong results.


Fully Mechanical Trading

Automatic trade detection with precise buy and sell trading signals. There is zero guess work.


Easy to Follow – Anywhere

Quick installation on MT4. Visual, audio and email notifications. Full after sales support.


Absolutely No repaint!

No cheating forex signals. No signal repaints after you close and open MT4.

Forex ANDREA Indicator System In Action:

You can use this smart versatile trend reversal system to trade any currency pair, BitCoin, stocks, precious metals, energies, equity indices,…

… really anything that can be displayed on the Metatrader 4 platform can be traded with this system, no exception!

Below you’ll find the extremely simple trading rules for both long and short trades:

  • For buy trades, wait for a blue arrow to appear on the chart and go long.
  • For sell trades, wait for an orange arrow to appear on the chart and go short.

See the examples below to discover the true power of Forex ANDREA… Let’s get started with the EUR/USD 5 min chart.

Euro/US Dollar 5 Min Trading Chart Example

In the example above, we went short at 1.1817 (orange arrow) and now let’s take a look at how this short trade turned out …

…a huge drop in the EUR/USD pair! The pair dropped nearly 200 pips in only 12 hours of trading activity. This was a huge winner!

Euro/British Pound 5 Min Trading Chart Example

The GBP/USD 5 min chart, as shown above provided us with 3 profitable trading signals in this currency pair. Two sell signals (orange arrows) and one buy signal (blue arrow). All 3 trades ended up in profit.

Australian Dollar/US Dollar 5 Min Trading Chart Example

Another example of the 5 min chart (can be used for scalping and day trading). The AUD/USD generated 2 signals, 1 sell signal at 0.78106 and 1 buy signal the same day at 0.77781. Please note how the AUD/USD pair started moving up almost directly after the buy signal was issued on the chart!

Euro/US Dollar 15 Min Trading Chart Example

The EUR/USD 15 min chart above shows us a sell signal that turned out to be a huge winner. The pair dropped almost 200 pips shortly after the sell signal was issued!

US Dollar/Swiss Franc 1 Hour Trading Chart Example

No system is perfect! The chart above displays a sell signal (orange arrow) that turned out to be a relative small loser. The Forex Andrea system quickly identified the early change in trend direction and generated a new buy signal (blue arrow) which turned out to be a monster winning signal!

Euro/New Zealand Dollar 1 Hour Trading Chart Example

The system works on any currency pair, even on the less popular EUR/NZD forex pair (as shown above). The Andrea indicator provided us with an outstanding buy signal at 1.6568 for a 500+ pip gain ($5000 profit – 1 standard lot traded). Also take a look at the sell signal for another 100 winning pips!

Australian Dollar/US Dollar 4 Hour Trading Chart Example

The 4 hour chart above on the AUD/USD pair displays two trading signals, one buy signal (blue) and one sell signal (orange). We lost a little money on the buy signal but made a very nice profit with the sell signal. I hope you see how the system quickly identifies the most profitable trend direction.

Euro/US Dollar Daily Trading Chart Example

Does the signal above need any explanation… This buy signal on the EUR/USD daily chart (good for position trading) is simple outstanding! The pair went up almost 1200 pips ($12000 profit – 1 standard lot traded) after the signal.

Euro/New Zealand Dollar Daily Trading Chart Example

As shown above, another huge winner on the daily trading chart. A buy signal (blue arrow) appeared on the EUR/NZD daily chart at an entry price of 1.5492. The price of the EUR/NZD went up almost 1200 pips ($12000 profit – 1 standard lot traded) after the signal.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“Congratulations on your excellent work. Forex ANDREA makes me good pips almost every trading day without the need to analyze the market myself”
John Deniz , Forex Scalper
“This trend reversal indicator predicts the direction of the trend really well on all time frame’s. I can say this is a really profitable indicator after using it for 3 month.”
Happy Customer
“Great indicator for such a low price. I’ve bought $249 overpriced indicators and systems that doesn’t come even close to the accuracy of Forex ANDREA.”
Frank Delener , Swing trader
“Really good forex indicator! It makes me approximately 60 pips every day. I primarily use it on the 5 min and 15 min trading charts. Overall I make around 1000 pips/month using Forex ANDREA.”
Kenny S , Day Trader

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Start using the Forex ANDREA trading system today, a proven, versatile system that makes you appear to be a trading genius… It doesn’t matter if you failed college and have zero qualifications, or if you got straight A’s and a PhD from Harvard, the buy and sell trading signals are the same for everyone!

What You’ll Get When You Buy Forex ANDREA:

  • Powerful Winning Buy & Sell Trend Reversal Signals
  • Works on Forex, BitCoin, Stocks, Precious metals,…
  • No Repaint Trading Signals
  • 100% plug and play, no learning, just hit the ground running
  • Very easy even for complete beginners
  • Popup Alerts, Mobile Alerts & Sound Alerts
  • Customer Support

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