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Free Trend Forex Robot

    Here’s a free popular trend following forex trading robot that uses a fast moving average (MA21), slow moving average (MA89), RSI (14) and ADX (14) to trade the fx market automatically.

    The bot also uses some filters to trade or not to trade, for example, ADX must be greater than 27 to trade and the EA wont’t open a buy trade above RSI > 65 and won’t sell below RSI < 35.

    Trading Signals

    Buy trade(s): EA opens a buy order if the short MA crosses the long MA from below + ADX above 27 and RSI below 65.

    Sell trade(s): EA opens a sell order if the short MA crosses the long MA from above + ADX above 27 and RSI above 35.

    Trading Preferences

    Currency pairs: EUR/USD + other major currency pairs + popular currency crosses (GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY)

    Best time frames: 15 min and above

    Best trading sessions: Any


    Download the tiger.mq4 forex robot.

    Configurable Expert Advisor Options

    Open the tiger.mq4 file in the Metatrader 4 editor to modify the default stop-loss, take profit, moving average periods, ADX period, RSI period, …

    Don’t forget to compile and save the modified file.

    EUR/USD H1 Chart Example