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Heikin-Ashi Smoothed Candlestick MT5 Indicator

Heikin-Ashi uses more price data to construct its candlesticks. Heikin-Ashi Smoothed candlesticks are designed to filter out more noise (reducing false signals), in an effort to keep you trading with the overall trend.

General assumptions

Bullish signal: Blue Heikin-Ashi smoothed candlestick

Bearish signal: Red Heikin-Ashi smoothed candlestick

Download Link

Download the iheikenashism.mq5 indicator.

Example: EUR/USD H4 Chart



Type: advanced candlestick indicator

Currency pairs: any

Timeframe: any

Platform: Metatrader 5

Customizable settings: type (candles, bars), MAPeriod, MAMethod, SmMethod, colors,…