Moving Average Envelopes Forex System

Does the moving average envelopes forex indicator sound familiar to you? If not, it’s a percentage-based moving average indicator with 2 envelopes set above and below the middle moving average. I’ve developed an accurate fx system based on this indicator and 2 custom built Metatrader 4 indicators. Feel free to download this system totally free below.

Chart Setup

Used MT4 indicators: Envelopes (period (14), deviation (0.25%), MA method (simple)), EMA-Crossover_Signal (FasterEMA (13), SlowerEMA (55)), octopus_1 (default settings)
Preferred time frame(s): any
Recommended trading sessions: any
Currency pairs: any


Download The Moving Average Envelopes Forex System.

Example: EUR/USD M15 Chart (click the image to enlarge)


The figure above is an example of the Moving Average Envelopes Forex System in action on the 15 minute Euro/US Dollar forex chart. It shows our proposed buy and sell entry points (dotted blue low) along with the profit target (close long, close short). All trades were closed for a profit at the upper-or lower envelope!

Strategy Trading Rules

Buy conditions:

  • Octopus indicator green
  • EMA Crossover Signal draws green arrow

==> Open long trade. Place your stop-loss below the lower envelope.

Take profit: take profit at the upper envelope.

Sell conditions:

  • Octopus indicator red
  • EMA Crossover Signal draws red arrow

==> Open short trade. Place your stop-loss above the upper envelope.

Take profit: take profit at the lower envelope.

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