No Lag Zigzag Forex Indicator

The no lag zigzag forex indicator connects high and low peaks with a line (see EUR/USD H1 image below).

High peaks mean resistance levels and low peaks support levels. Consecutive higher high peaks indicate that the market is trending up. Consecutive lower low peaks indicate that the market is trending lower.

You can use this indicator in many ways.

For example, buy a breakout above a high peak in an up trend and sell a break below a low peak in an down trend.

Trading Signals

Buy: In an up trend: look to buy near the lowest peak. Look to buy a break above the highest peak.

Sell: In an down trend: look to sell near the highest peak. Look to sell a break below the lowest peak.

Indicator Preferences

Currency pairs: Any

Preferred time frames: Any

Trading sessions: Any


Download the NonLagZigZag.ex4 indicator.

Configurable Indicator Options

Colors, length, Pctfilter…

EUR/USD H1 Chart Example


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