QQE Forex Trading Oscillator

QQE is an oscillator forex indicator written for Metatrader 4. Values above the 50 line are considered to be bullish, values below the 50 line are considered to be bearish. Use the inputs tab to modify alerts and timeframe.

Trading Signals

Buy: QQE crossed 50 line up

Sell: QQE crosses 50 line down

Tip: Use a trend indicator (moving averages, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR)) or analysis tool to determine the trend. Use signals from the QQE indicator in the direction of the trend and ignore countertrend signals.

Indicator Preferences

Currency pairs: any

Preferred Time frames: any

Sessions: any


Download the QQE.ex4 indicator.

Configurable Indicator Options

TimeFrame, CrossFiftyAlert, CrossFiftyEmail, Colors,…

USD/JPY Daily Chart Example

QQE forex oscillator indicator

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