Swingman Trix Metatrader 4 Indicator

The Swingman Trix forex indicator is composed of 3 moving averages and the Trix Period. You can choose between simple moving averages, exponential moving averages and weighted moving averages. Indicator values above 0.00 are considered to be bullish while values below 0.00 are considered to be bearish. Feel free to experiment with the indicator settings.

Trading Signals From This Indicator

BUY: Wait for a blue arrow to appear.
SELL: Wait for a red arrow to appear.

Use in conjunction with other technical indicators and tools.


Download the SwingMan-UltraSuperTRIX_PV_4col Metatrader 4 indicator.

Configurable Indicator Options

Trix_Period, Averages, Draw_Signals, Email_Signals, …

EUR/USD 1 Hour Chart Example


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