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Trend Scalper MT4 Forex Strategy

Currency traders usually scalp with substantially high volumes which is why so many times, we find a lot of traders who do not follow the 2% risk management rule. They rather trade very high volumes during their favorite forex scalping sessions. The Trend Scalper MT4 Forex strategy works great on the lower timeframes (M1, M5, […]

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Chimp Scalper Forex Strategy

The Chimp Scalper Forex strategy has been able to deliver an effective combination of both momentum and trend indicators all in one place to generate a progressive trading performance. The strategy focuses on short-term trading opportunities and also fits quite well on the M1 to M15 timeframe charts. For maximum performance, it’s recommended to deploy […]

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1-Minute Micro Forex Trading Strategy

Traders who are attempt to explore scalping opportunities in the currency market do stand a chance when they own a reliable trading strategy. Every scalping strategy is made up of a number of variables and it’s always advisable to keep things simple. The 1-Minute Micro Forex Trading Strategy can be used for scalping trending forex currency pairs with […]

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1-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy For GBP/JPY

The 1-Minute Forex Scalping strategy for GBP/JPY is a trading strategy that allows the accrual of profit over time via the buildup of consistent smaller gains via scalping off the 1-minute chart. Nevertheless, it is critical for you to understand risk management, considering the need for frequent analysis and the placement of multiple orders when scalping. […]

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1-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy For USD/JPY

Scalping is a well-known forex trading strategy that does well during high market volatility sessions and such conditions are known to yield vast openings for scalping profits. This can mean that the scalper is able to generate between 5 and 15 pips for every position initiated. Repeating this feat successfully through the course of trading is pivotal […]

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5-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy For USD/JPY

Mastery of scalping during currency trading can be quite challenging. A good forex scalping strategy does not necessarily lookout for big profits from a single trade, instead it optimizes the win-to-loss ratio across numerous trades. During scalping, it is crucial to always imbibe the quick booking of small profits along with losses as they appear […]

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