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1-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy For USD/JPY

Scalping is a well-known forex trading strategy that does well during high market volatility sessions and such conditions are known to yield vast openings for scalping profits. This can mean that the scalper is able to generate between 5 and 15 pips for every position initiated. Repeating this feat successfully through the course of trading is pivotal […]

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5-Minute Forex Scalping Strategy For USD/JPY

Mastery of scalping during currency trading can be quite challenging. A good forex scalping strategy does not necessarily lookout for big profits from a single trade, instead it optimizes the win-to-loss ratio across numerous trades. During scalping, it is crucial to always imbibe the quick booking of small profits along with losses as they appear […]

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MACD Moving Average Forex Trading Strategy

Making profits in the currency trading markets is something every trader wants to continuously enjoy, but in practice, the market does pull a tricky one on us here and there. Knowing this truth is key to understanding that downturns are unavoidable, but overall, profits can be attained. The MACD Moving Average forex trading strategy is […]

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MACD Trend Following Strategy

One of the most striking ways to follow trends is by using an oscillator, and the MACD indicator is an attractive way of achieving this. Although, it pretty sounds easy, this method can accurately predict price action. The MACD Trend Following forex strategy uses MACD to generate powerful buy and sell signals in the direction […]

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