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MACD Moving Average Forex Trading Strategy

Making profits in the currency trading markets is something every trader wants to continuously enjoy, but in practice, the market does pull a tricky one on us here and there. Knowing this truth is key to understanding that downturns are unavoidable, but overall, profits can be attained. The MACD Moving Average forex trading strategy is […]

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MACD Trend Following Strategy

One of the most striking ways to follow trends is by using an oscillator, and the MACD indicator is an attractive way of achieving this. Although, it pretty sounds easy, this method can accurately predict price action. The MACD Trend Following forex strategy uses MACD to generate powerful buy and sell signals in the direction […]

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100 HMA Momentum Forex Trading Strategy

The 100 HMA Momentum forex trading strategy is a profitable strategy that uses momentum and trend to generate trading signals in both rising and falling currency markets. The added indicators are easy to implement, i.e. the 100pips Momentum indicator allows us gauge price momentum, while the HMA_v2 is a great trend trading indicator that works […]

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Butterworth MACD Forex Trading Strategy

The Butterworth MACD forex trading strategy has well thought-out buy and sell trading rules that will help you trade currencies, cryptocurrency, commodities and even stocks. It is a simple strategy that follows the trend with the help of the powerful Fratelli MACD indicator. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: -wmmm-twoPoleButterworth.ex4 (Inputs Variable Modified; CutoffPeriod=36, Shift=1, Colors Width […]

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Synthetic Bands Index Forex Trading Strategy

The Synthetic Bands Index forex trading strategy responds appropriate to price fluctuations and provides you with buy and sell trading signals that work for long-term profits. Three unique indicators are added to achieve realistic gains from your currency trading investments when using this strategy i.e. the Relative Vigor Index.ex4, Doda-BBands.ex4, and Detrended_Synthetic_Price_dbarsf.ex4 indicator. The RVI […]

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Win Bands Forex Scalping Strategy

In order to consider scalping, it is important to understand that it is very fast paced and requires a high level of concentration and persistence in order to make sense trading this way. If your attention wanders off for even a second, you might miss out on good short-term trading opportunities the market throws at […]

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