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RSI Breakout Forex Strategy

The RSI Breakout Forex strategy is a trading system designed to offer much more reliable and stable performance. The strategy involves price action analysis which will assist you to make amazing trade entries and exits. This strategy allows traders gauge continuation breakout (when price continues to move in the same direction), and reversal breakout (when price reverses in the […]

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Brain Trend Signal Alerts Forex Strategy

The Brain Trend Signal Alerts Forex strategy is technical in nature and can be used by retail forex traders to determine accurate buy or sell market decisions. Analyzing this strategy is quite simple using the resources that we have provided. When pooled with appropriate risk management and a wide-ranging trading approach, our strategy can do […]

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Fibonacci Signals Forex Strategy

The Fibonacci Signals Forex strategy is a trading strategy that tries to place price action in the right trend direction by deploying the famous Fibonacci sequence. Traders are fully aware of how frequent these numbers are being applied in the financial markets. With this strategy, we’ll avoid looking at each price change individually and concentrate on […]

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Double EMA Channel Forex Trading Strategy

The Double EMA Channel Forex trading strategy, as the name suggests is a very simple trading strategy that employs the use of two exponential moving averages. This strategy is known to work great for swing trading, scalping and intraday trading. In other words, our strategy works in both bigger and smaller time frames. This strategy […]

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Trend Following Indicator Forex Trading Strategy

The trend following indicator Forex trading strategy attempts to isolate and extract profits from price actions. This strategy can be used successfully in both trending and ranging currency markets. It is uses a trend following forex histogram and signal indicator to achieve this. Let’s get started: Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: bdfxtrender.ex4 (Default Setting), mega-trend-indicator.ex4 (Inputs Variable Modified; period=70) […]

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Squeeze Trend Forex Trading Strategy

The Squeeze Trend Forex trading strategy is a trading system that determines sessions where the market moves to an extreme value within a given space of time. Moves of this nature are known to offer traders some good trading opportunities for turning a good profit. These market conditions can be spotted in any traded currency pair […]

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Bollinger Bands With MACD Forex Strategy

Technical indicators and charts are tools what the vast majority of currency traders use to develop buy/sell forex trading strategies. Having a bit background knowledge and understanding of how a system works can yield a profitable trading strategy. The Bollinger Bands With MACD Forex strategy works well on various charts, ranging from the 1-minute charts up […]

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