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Butterworth MACD Forex Trading Strategy

The Butterworth MACD forex trading strategy has well thought-out buy and sell trading rules that will help you trade currencies, cryptocurrency, commodities and even stocks. It is a simple strategy that follows the trend with the help of the powerful Fratelli MACD indicator. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: -wmmm-twoPoleButterworth.ex4 (Inputs Variable Modified; CutoffPeriod=36, Shift=1, Colors Width […]

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Synthetic Bands Index Forex Trading Strategy

The Synthetic Bands Index forex trading strategy responds appropriate to price fluctuations and provides you with buy and sell trading signals that work for long-term profits. Three unique indicators are added to achieve realistic gains from your currency trading investments when using this strategy i.e. the Relative Vigor Index.ex4, Doda-BBands.ex4, and Detrended_Synthetic_Price_dbarsf.ex4 indicator. The RVI […]

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Median Forex Trading Strategy

The Median forex trading strategy is dependent on three unique indicators i.e. the Median, MA-4H and MACD. The first two are essential in indicating fresh trends in the market, while the third indicator (MACD) is an oscillator that measures price exhaustion. Combining these tools into a single strategy is an awesome idea that currency traders […]

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Simple Envelopes Forex Trading Strategy

The Simple Envelopes forex trading strategy combines the popular envelopes indicator and two others to look for trade entry and exit in the direction of the major trend. The strategy works for any pair and timeframe. Learn how it works: Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: Envelopes.ex4 (Parameters Modified; Period=28, MA method=Exponential), IDWma.ex4 (Inputs Variable Modified; MA_Period=56), […]

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Simpler Trend Forex Trading Strategy

A lot of the losses that are seen in the forex market are as a result of flawed preparation. Well, such losses can be averted by making adequate preparation. Obviously, to make money you’ll have to do “something.” Avoiding most of the losses you take each month is paramount for all market participants. The Simpler […]

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Hot Trend Forex Trading Strategy

The currency trading market is a vast marketplace that can accommodate anyone, and this is one reason why we see an array of investors thronging the marketplace seeking for profits. Not everyone is profitable in the market and this makes it increasingly important to own a profitable trading system. The Hot Trend forex trading strategy […]

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Major Trend Forex Trading Strategy

A trading plan that includes technical indicators and a couple of simple rules on how to implement these indicators can simplify your trading. It is important to keep up with the idea that simple is unsurpassed, hence we have designed the Major Trend forex trading strategy to suit your trading needs. Add the indicators listed […]

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