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Free Trend Forex Robot

Here’s a free popular trend following forex trading robot that uses a fast moving average (MA21), slow moving average (MA89), RSI (14) and ADX (14) to trade the fx market automatically. The bot also uses some filters to trade or not to trade, for example, ADX must be greater than 27 to trade and the […]

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10 Pips Daily EUR/USD Forex Robot

Many traders like to place pending orders above and below the previous day high and low price. This forex robot does the job for you. It places 2 pending orders: 1 order to buy the currency pair 2 pips above the previous day high price and another order to sell 2 pips below the previous […]

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Free EUR/USD Forex Robot

This is a real multiple strategy forex trading robot with a lot of features and useful functions. You can trade automatically with the following strategies: moving average cross-over strategy, MACD breakout strategy, Heiken Ashi strategy and Heiken + MACD strategy. You can fully modify the stop-loss, take profit and trailing stop levels. It’s a great […]

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Double 144 Period EMA Forex Robot

This trading robot uses two 144 period EMA’s to initiate buy and sell trades. A trailing stop is used to lock in profits or reduce the trading risk for the open market position. As always, feel free to experiment with the EA input values until you find the optimal settings (take profit, trailing stop,…) that […]

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EMA Slope Forex Robot

This EMA forex robot places long and short trades based upon the slope of an 11 period exponential moving average. The robot will go long when the slope is going up and short when the slope is going down. You can modify the EMA period, the slope, take profit and stop-loss level. Feel free to […]

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RSI Free Forex Robot

The free RSI robot will open a buy order when the RSI (Relative Strength Index) reaches oversold levels (standard 30) and sells when the RSI reaches overbought levels (standard 70). You can modify both buy and sell levels. For example 20 and 80. The EA closes the buy order when a sell order becomes valid, […]

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Free Trend Line Forex Robot

The trend line forex robot helps you to trade upward and downward trend line breakouts on autopilot. This EA can be used on any currency pair and timeframe. How to use? First step: find and draw interesting trend lines that you want to trade on the MT4 chart (see image below). Second step: open the […]

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TmaSlope Metatrader 4 Indicator

The TmaSlope forex indicator oscillates between -1.74 and +2.10 readings. Readings above 0.00 line are considered to be bullish while indicator readings below 0.00 are considered to be bearish. General Assumptions Green and Lime colors: bullish trend Red and FireBrick colors: bearish trend DarkGray and LightSlateGray colors: flat (range-bound) trend Strong trend: Above 0.5/below -0.5 […]

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Stochastic Divergence Metatrader 4 Indicator

This indicator shows divergences between the currency price and the Stochastic Oscillator in a separated window below the main chart. It also provides buy and sell signals based on positive and negative divergence between price and indicator. It can be used on all forex pairs and timeframe’s. Trading Signals BUY: Wait for a blue arrow […]

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