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Professional MT4 Trading System For Forex Traders…

The “Forex Trend Analyzer PRO” MT4 trading system is a real, PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL Forex system and can easily be loaded onto the Metatrader (MT4) platform in a matter of MINUTES..

This system includes NO REPAINT accurate buy and sell forex signals, dynamic pivot points, daily range detection and an advanced alerting system.

This is the main reason why I want to introduce you to my Trend Analyzer PRO System!

Buy & Sell Trade Logic

  • For buy signals, open a buy trade at the first available blue arrow.
  • Place a stop loss below the previous swing low.
  • Close the buy trade at an opposite signal or for a fixed profit target.

EURUSD M1 Trading Chart

  • For sell signals, open a sell trade at the first available red arrow.
  • Place a stop loss above the previous swing high.
  • Close the sell trade at an opposite signal or for a fixed profit target.

EURAUD M5 Trading Chart

Forex Trend Analyzer PRO in action

First off, this system works on any currency pair and timeframe, even on the weekly chart. Signals never repaint! It’s a versatile system that can be used for scalping, day trading, swing trading and long-term currency trading.

Let’s take a look at some trade examples:

Example above is the EUR/USD 5 minute chart. The Trend Analyzer system buys the EUR/USD pair for massive gains. The previous sell signals also generated good pips.

Example above is the GBP/USD 15 minute chart. Short trade which moved to profit instantly confirmed by the red arrows + red trend analyzer (top left) = SELL . For a nice +230 pips move down followed by a profitable buy trend reversal signal.

Example above the GBP/USD M1 chart. Long trade entries confirmed by the blue arrows + blue trend analyzer = BUY. A very nice scalper trade on the M1 chart!

5 Min chart of the AUD/USD pair. +70 Pips upward move with accurate Trend Analyzer PRO buy signals (blue arrows).

More examples:

Another example of the power of the Trend Analyzer PRO system on the 5 Min GBP/JPY chart. The sell signals moved the trade directly into profits!

Are you looking for bigger profits? Use the 1 hour charts! See the GBP/USD trade chart as shown above. A massive winning trade of over 450 pips confirmed by Trend Analyzer PRO!

Another massive winner on the EUR/USD 1 hour chart. 500 Pips!

Over 500 Pips on the AUD/USD. The Trend Analyzer system sells the AUD/USD first and then reverses its signals into buying the pair for a massive move upwards.

Have limited time to trade? Choose the daily timeframe and look once a day for new signals issued by Forex Trend analyzer PRO! 800 Pip move up confirmed by the system.

Another daily timeframe example on the EUR/USD D1 chart. It shows you how the accuracy of the buy signals. Instantly gave you very nice profits!

Another beautiful trade on the USD/CHF daily chart for a 500 pip move to the downside. See how the sell signal gave you almost instantly some nice profits.

Amazing Spike Alarm Detector:

What’s moving in the markets?

Trend Analyzer PRO automatically alerts you when a currency pair exceeds your pre-set daily range threshold value.

Just input the value in the input box and you will be alerted by a pop-up window, email or even on your mobile phone the moment the range exceeds your pre-set threshold. (day high price- day low price).

Advanced Alerting System:

Trend analyzer PRO makes it SUPER-EASY for ANYONE to follow with its advanced alerting system. The Arrows appear on the CLOSE of the bar and a trade can be IMMEDIATELY entered on the OPEN on the following bar.

ALERTS can be set so that THE MOMENT a BUY-LONG or SELL-SHORT Arrows appears the trader can be instantly alerted by a sound and/or popup window, email and on your mobile phone eliminating the need to stare at the chart waiting for trade signals to appear. This is especially useful for higher time frames.

Available Alerts

ArrowsAlerts: Sound and/or popup window, email and mobile phone.

DailyRangeAlerts: Sound and/or popup window, email and mobile phone.

DailyRangePips: Put in the preferred value in pips.

AlertOn: Enable/disable all alerts.

NotificationOn: Use for IPhone/Android alerts

EmailOn: Sends real-time alerts straight to your email.

Setting Up Email Alerts:

Go to MT4 Main Menu > Tools > Options > Email. Enable email alerts and fill in your email provider details, your email address and password.

Push the test button to test email alerts.

Setting Up Mobile Trading Alerts:

Go to MT4 Main Menu > Tools > Options > Notifications. Enable push notifications and fill in your details. Push the test button to test mobile alerts.

You will need to download MT4 for iPhone or Android.

Become A Profitable Forex Trader Today!

It doesn’t matter if you failed college and have zero qualifications, or if you got straight A’s and a PhD from Harvard, the Forex Trend Analyzer buy and sell trading signals are the same for everyone!

What You’ll Get:

  • Powerful Forex Trading Signals On All Pairs and timeframe’s
  • Works on Forex, BitCoin, Stocks, Metals,…
  • No Repaint Signals
  • 100% plug and play, no learning, just hit the ground running
  • Very easy even for complete newbies
  • Popup Alerts, Email Alerts, Mobile Push Alerts & Sound Alerts
  • Customer Support & Free Upgrades For Life

Buy Now For Only $47.00

Instant download after payment.

One-Time Payment. Regular Price $97.00