Wallaby Metatrader 4 Indicator

The Wallaby indicator is based on the popular Stochastic indicator developed by George C in the 1950s. Extreme signal readings can be found at 80 (overbought) and 20 (oversold). It’s designed to trade pullbacks with tight stop-losses in trending markets or to identify price and indicator divergences.

Trading Signals

BUY: In uptrending markets – Look for oversold readings around 20.
SELL: In downtrending markets – Look for overbought readings around 80.

Use in conjunction with other technical indicators to identify the primary trend.


Download the Wallaby Metatrader 4 indicator.

Configurable Indicator Options

KPeriod, DPeriod,Slowing, Timeframe 1, Timeframe 2, Timeframe 3

AUD/NZD 15 Min Chart Example


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