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3D Oscillator Indicator For MT5

    The 3D Oscillator Forex indicator for Metatrader 5 is an amazing buy/sell oscillator that works well for scalpers and day traders.

    The indicator appears in a separate chart window as an easy to follow buy/sell signals oscillator.

    A blue colored dot signals a sell trade while a green colored dot signals a buy trade.

    The 3D oscillator can be easily combined with other trading indicators and Forex strategies.

    Key Points

    • Buy/sell technical oscillator
    • 100% No-repaint indicator
    • Best for scalping & day trading
    • Works for any time frame
    • Beginner friendly indicator

    Free Download

    Download the “3d_oscilator.ex5” indicator for MT5

    Example Chart

    The 3D Oscillator indicator attached to the EUR/USD 1-hour chart.

    Trading Signals

    The indicator can be used as a standalone technical tool or used together with other technical tools.

    Here’s a basic trading example:

    Buy Signal:

    • A new green colored dot is a buy signal.
    • Place your stop loss 3 pips below short-term support.
    • Exit the buy trade when a sell signal appears on the chart.

    Sell Signal:

    • A new purple colored dot is a buy signal.
    • Place your stop loss 3 pips above short-term resistance.
    • Exit the sell trade when a buy signal appears on the chart.


    Download the “3d_oscilator.ex5” indicator (MT5)

    Recommendations  & Information

    • Works for any currency pair
    • Works for any trading instrument
    • Works for any time frame
    • Buy/sell signals indicator
    • Programmed for Metatrader 5

    How to install the 3D Oscillator indicator in Metatrader 5?

    • Copy the 3d_oscilator.ex5 indicator in the MT5 indicator folder
    • Restart the trading platform
    • Select and attach the indicator to a chart

    How to remove the indicator from the chart?

    • Click with your right mouse button in the chart
    • Select the indicator list from the dropdown menu
    • Remove the indicator from the list
    • Press close