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Explore our collection of free simple and advanced forex day trading strategies and systems. Profit from day trading the currency markets.

AUD/JPY Forex Day Trading Strategy

The AUD/JPY Forex day trading strategy allows currency traders to open and close trades within the same day with the help of the MA Bollinger Bands indicator. The strategy takes advantage of rapid market movement within the same trading day. The indicators deployed within this strategy are easy to grasp, deliver highly accurate signals and […]

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AUD/NZD Forex Day Trading Strategy

The AUD/NZD Forex day trading strategy offers traders a unique way of reacting to price action and profiting off such market moves. The strategy deploys three powerful technical indicators and depicts fantastic trend following characteristics for its users. Considering its simplicity of use, newcomers in the currency market are rapidly adopting this trading strategy as […]

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AUD/CHF Forex Day Trading Strategy

The AUD/CHF Forex day trading strategy is a simple trading system based on the ADX trend strength indicator that’s quite powerful. It is powerful in the sense that the strategy’s buy/sell setup rules offer highly accurate trading signals. This is a 15-Minute forex trading strategy that helps us open profitable live trades which are going to be […]

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AUD/CAD Forex Day Trading Strategy

The AUD/CAD Forex day trading strategy is a versatile trading system that works great for day trading purposes on the 5-Minute, 15-Minute, 30-Minute and 1-Hour charts. The strategy enables traders to closely monitor momentum in the market to generate high probability buy/sell trade alerts. The added technical indicators are able to gauge volatility correctly and then […]

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AUD/USD Forex Day Trading Strategy

The AUD/USD Forex day trading strategy combines trend and momentum to establish a vibrant trend-following trading system that shows quick reaction to changes in trend with minimal lag. This day trading does well in generating reliable market entry and exit signals. Traders can transform this forex strategy into one that works great for the CFD and […]

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USD/CHF Forex Day Trading Strategy

The USD/CHF Forex day trading strategy is based on a popular mechanical trading system that works. It is based on a custom moving average crossover technique, along with an optimized buyers versus sellers indicator gauging structure. The addition of a custom-built momentum indicator enables the system to define the trend characteristics more accurate. This forex day strategy works […]

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Forex Pyramid Strategy

Trading Currencies online can be a nightmare when market participants are ill-prepared. Traders sometimes jump into the market without the right tools, and such levels of unpreparedness are bound to always end in tears. There have been several discussions on what the best forex strategy should look like, but different theories surrounding this topic makes […]

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Intraday Forex Strategy

The intraday Forex strategy is designed to open and close trades within the same day using some relatively less riskier trading rules with the help of the DeMarker technical indicator to accrue the desired profits. One of the ways to make the best out of every trading strategy is to stay disciplined, and by so doing you […]

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