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Forex Data To CSV Metatrader 4 Indicator

    Do you want to collect and store historical Forex data in a CSV file?

    This indicator for Metatrader 4 does the job for you. It collects data for any time frame and currency pair.

    It collects the following data: Open Timestamp, Open Price, High Price, Low Price, Close Price and Volume.

    Steps to start collecting historical forex data

    • Download and attach the indicator to any chart
    • Go to the custom indicator Inputs tab and rename the FileName (for example: 30MinPriceData)
    • Now it starts collection historical data

    Steps to access the historical forex csv file

    • Click the file tab from the Metatrader 4 main menu
    • Open data folder
    • Click the MQL4 folder
    • Click the files folder (here’s your data file)


    Download the forex_data_to_csv.mq4 indicator.

    Configurable Indicator Options

    File name

    USD/JPY 30 Min Chart Example


    How to install the Forex Data To CSV custom indicator in Metatrader 4?

    • Download the forex_data_to_csv.mq4 indicator to your computer.
    • Open your Metatrader 4 platform.
    • Open the data folder from the top menu.
    • Open the MQL4 folder.
    • Open the indicators folder.
    • Paste the indicator file in this folder.
    • Restart the trading platform.
    • Open any trading chart.
    • Attach the indicator to the chart.