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Explore our great collection of free forex swing trading strategies and systems. Profit from trading the 1 hour, 4 hour and daily currency charts.

Momentum Forex Swing Trading Strategy

Swing traders attempt to grab profits within the currency markets by holding trading positions from 1-3 days up to several weeks. The Momentum forex swing trading strategy is a swing trading system that bundles together the i-AMA-Optimum.ex4, Bollinger Bands_b.ex4 and the default MT4 momentum forex indicators. In a manner that allows traders to promptly determine trend direction, price […]

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MACD Swing Trading Forex Strategy

The MACD Swing Trading forex strategy is designed to trade within a defined price channel and profit from the consistent oscillation of price within the support and resistance zones. The simple idea behind this strategy is as simple as going bullish when price tests the support area and bearish when it tests resistance. The Vegas_S_P_Daily.ex4, […]

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Laguerre RSI Forex Trading Strategy

The Laguerre RSI forex strategy is a swing trading system that uses unique custom indicators that allows traders visualize zones of inactivity on the activity. Howbeit, our main interest is in defining bullish and bearish market entries on timeframe’s starting from the five minute charts. Let’s get started below with the chart setup… Chart Setup […]

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Precision Trend Forex Swing Trading Strategy

The Precision Trend forex trading strategy is a swing trading strategy that is able to give traders a better clue to who’s in control of the market. It vividly tells you who is losing control of the market: the buyers or the sellers. Chart Setup MetaTrader4 Indicators: Three_Color_MA.ex4 (default setting), TMA.ex4 (default setting), precision_trend_histo_2.ex4 (default […]

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