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Explore our great collection of free forex swing trading strategies and systems. Profit from trading the 1 hour, 4 hour and daily currency charts.

CAD/CHF 1-Hour Forex Swing Trading Strategy

The awesome CAD/CHF 1-Hour Forex swing trading strategy is designed to capture bigger market movements on the higher time frames, starting from the M30. The strategy’s core idea is entering the currency market when prices are either low (buy signal) or high (sell signal). This swing trading strategy holds open positions up to 1-week and sometimes beyond. Chart Setup MetaTrader 4 […]

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High Win Forex Strategy For Swing Trading

The high win Forex strategy for swing trading offers a remarkable system for entering and exiting trades and looking to take advantage of medium-term price moves. Typically, we’re looking for 50-300 pips per trade. In order to function optimally, the strategy uses a special buy/sell crossover technique between the Kijun-sen+ and Mega trend forex indicator. The […]

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H1 Forex Trading Strategy

The H1 (1-Hour) Forex trading strategy is a neatly designed currency trading strategy that uses three key indicators for spotting profitable changes in market trends. The strategy analyzes medium-term price action and works the best for both swing traders and position traders. This strategy offers traders an indispensable market view from which they can stay on the right […]

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