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Learn a variety of successful forex trading strategies that actually work. From simple free strategies for beginners to advanced for expert traders.

200 EMA Crossover Forex Strategy

The 200 period EMA crossover forex strategy is a popular trading strategy that is based on the crossover of moving averages and the MA ribbon indicator. The 200 period EMA ( 200 period exponential moving average) acts as a filter, where you can only buy when price trades above the 200 EMA line, and sell when […]

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Consistent Forex Strategy For Better Profits

The consistent Forex strategy for better profits blends a good set of technical indicators together with proper risk implementation to boost your trading profits. This strategy deploys intraday tactics as an ultimate key to steady long-term profitability. We try to edge out emotions in a bid to not clog our market judgements. To increase your odds […]

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London Session GBP Breakout Strategy

The London Session GBP Breakout strategy is a very popular trading method used by traders today. Just as the name sounds, the system revolves around the concept that price action tends to breakout during the start of the London trading session, which is seen to overlap at the end of the Asia trading session. The […]

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Forex Strategy For New York Session

The Forex strategy for New York trading sessions is a simple trading strategy which you can use to trade New York market sessions more profitable. The strategy is designed to trade breakouts on the moving average lines. We wait for a breakout of a support moving average line to sell or a breakout of a resistance moving […]

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Forex Strategy For Asian Session

While we consider the currency market to be a round-the-clock or 24-hour trading hub during week days, trading sessions are reliably broken down into the Tokyo (Asian) session, London (European) and New York (North American) sessions. To better understand the Forex Strategy For Asian Session, we added the “sessions” custom indicator to give us a […]

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Forex Average True Range Strategy

Maximizing your profits and minimizing risks captures the true essence of currency trading. The Forex Average True Range strategy is designed to help you achieve just that. You can successfully apply this trading strategy to intraday time frames, as well as to bigger time frames. The basic idea behind this strategy is its willingness to […]

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Chaos Oscillator Forex Strategy

The Chaos Oscillator Forex strategy is a trading strategy that is designed to greatly minimize false buy and sell signals during the various trading sessions. In doing so, it employs a risk tolerance trading style that sticks to price action steadily. The first thing you need to do to kick start this strategy is to […]

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Channel Breakout Entry Forex Strategy

The Channel Breakout Entry Forex strategy can be a massive difference maker in your currency trading toolkit. It is a strategy that entails taking advantage of price movement that goes in tune with the most profitable trend. Basically, the Channel Breakout Entry Forex strategy is simply a price movement that deploys support and resistance on […]

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