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Learn a variety of successful forex trading strategies that actually work. From simple free strategies for beginners to advanced for expert traders.

Strong Trend Forex Trading Strategy

The Strong Trend Forex Trading strategy discussed here is universal to all forex pairs and works on all available timeframes. It’s a great trend following strategy that takes advantage of new trends forming after trend reversals. Let’s move forward and get into the basics of this strategy and see how it can help you make money […]

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Trend Breakout Zones Forex Strategy

The Trend Breakout Zones forex strategy proves to be a reasonably robust trading strategy that can be applied to varying pairs, trading sessions and time frames. The strategy alerts traders when to enter and exit the market, and delivers a tight stop loss. This strategy will give you consistent home runs if you stick to its trading rules. […]

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RSI Breakout Forex Strategy

The RSI Breakout Forex strategy is a trading system designed to offer much more reliable and stable performance. The strategy involves price action analysis which will assist you to make amazing trade entries and exits. This strategy allows traders gauge continuation breakout (when price continues to move in the same direction), and reversal breakout (when price reverses in the […]

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Brain Trend Signal Alerts Forex Strategy

The Brain Trend Signal Alerts Forex strategy is technical in nature and can be used by retail forex traders to determine accurate buy or sell market decisions. Analyzing this strategy is quite simple using the resources that we have provided. When pooled with appropriate risk management and a wide-ranging trading approach, our strategy can do […]

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Bollinger Bands With MACD Forex Strategy

The Bollinger Bands With MACD Forex Strategy is designed to be more flexible in adapting to ever-changing market conditions. A criteria that every currency trader must possess in order to profit from forex market volatility. Moreover, this strategy helps traders avoid confusion when market conditions becomes unclear. Considering the increasing imponderable nature of the forex market, traders […]

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Double EMA Channel Forex Trading Strategy

The Double EMA Channel Forex trading strategy, as the name suggests is a very simple trading strategy that employs the use of two exponential moving averages. This strategy is known to work great for swing trading, scalping and intraday trading. In other words, our strategy works in both bigger and smaller time frames. This strategy […]

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Squeeze Trend Forex Trading Strategy

The Squeeze Trend Forex trading strategy is a trading system that determines sessions where the market moves to an extreme value within a given space of time. Moves of this nature are known to offer traders some good trading opportunities for turning a good profit. These market conditions can be spotted in any traded currency pair […]

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Super Signal Bands Forex Strategy

The Super Signal Bands Forex strategy is a trading system that emulates a stop and reverse process. It can be used to determine profitable reversal points during sessions where the market has moved significantly, especially when the market seems to have topped or bottomed out at a key level. The strategy is designed to recognize […]

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Power Trend Forex Strategy

The Power Trend Forex strategy is an amazing system that is used to enhance trading results. It is able to give traders better clues on market directions. Once you get the setup right, profiting from the various forex market cycles becomes an easy task. The logic behind the signals is pretty simple: whenever price is aligned […]

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