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No Lag Zigzag Forex Indicator

The no lag zigzag forex indicator connects high and low peaks with a line (see EUR/USD H1 image below). High peaks mean resistance levels and low peaks support levels. Consecutive higher high peaks indicate that the market is trending up. Consecutive lower low peaks indicate that the market is trending lower. You can use this […]

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Forextrendscanner Indicator For MT4

The Forextrendscanner indicator follows the forex trend and draws red and green signal candlesticks on the charts. Green for a bullish trend and red for a bearish trend. Interpretation Lime colored candlesticks: strong up trend, green colored candlesticks: weak uptrend, red colored candlesticks: strong down trend, maroon colored candlesticks: weak down trend. Forex Signals Buy: […]

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Zig Zag Forex Signals Indicator

This fx signals indicator is based on the popular zig zag forex indicator. For best trading results, use in conjunction with Elliot Wave and/or key Fibonacci retracement levels. Trading Signals Blue arrow: look to buy if the arrow appears near key Fibonacci retracement levels (buy on dips). Red arrow: look to sell if the arrow […]

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MKNC Signal Forex Trend Indicator

This forex indicator is called MKNC. It provides easy to read buy and sell signals. The indicator consists of red dots and a blue signal line for trend direction. It’s based on fast and slow exponential moving averages. Trading Signals (see image below) Buy: Blue indicator signal line crosses the red dots from below. Open […]

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Arbitrage Forex Indicator

The arbitrage indicator for Metatrader 4 draws signal bars in a sub window below the main trading chart. Each bar represents the stronger versus the weaker currency. For example, in the USD/JPY chart below, yellow colored bars represent JPY > USD (price goes down). On the contrary, green colored bars represent USD > JPY (price […]

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Real Market Value Forex Indicator

This Metatrader 4 forex indicator measures real market price movements. It doesn’t react quickly to spikes and rapid price movements. As a result, it’s a great trend following indicator for overall trend direction. Trading Signals Buy: Wait for the price to move above the indicator from below. Alternatively, wait for a slope upwards of the […]

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Three Bands Forex Trading Indicator

This forex trading indicator consists of an upper band, middle band and lower band. Support can be found at the lower blue band and resistance at the upper red band. Price above the green middle band is considered to be bullish. Price below the green band is considered to be bearish. Trading Signals Buy: In […]

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